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Private Policy

Privacy Policy

Any information you provide will be utilized by Business Media Links (hereinafter referred to as BML) in accordance with BML’s Privacy Policy outlined herein.

Privacy Statement


BML places a high priority on the privacy of its users. This Privacy Policy elucidates our procedures regarding the use of the personal information you may furnish to BML through any of our services on the site.

Collection of Personal Information


Your personal information will only be collected if you complete an application or registration form to partake in one of our exhibitions or fairs. Completing the application or registration form and furnishing such information is essential for participation. Failure to provide all necessary information may make it challenging to contact you and confirm arrangements. For exhibitors, inadequate information may result in your booth being incorrectly positioned at the exhibition or fair. The information you provide may be used to allocate a booth location based on the categorization of your goods or services.


Additional information will be collected through the completion of the Exhibitor Manual online. This section's information is provided by users whose attendance at a specific exhibition or fair has been confirmed. Users must complete relevant forms, providing detailed information about their requirements. Failure to do so will impede our ability to assist in arranging the user's booth requirements. This information is shared with third-party contractors to facilitate the necessary arrangements. The relevant forms explicitly indicate what information will be sent to third-party contractors.


Company information provided by users for participation in an exhibition or fair will be published in the fair catalog distributed at the event. This information will also be utilized for pre-show publicity to inform attendees. We will retain your company information to contact you in the future, advising you of upcoming exhibitions or fairs that may interest you.


Disclosure of Information


We will not disclose any information obtained from you to third parties unless specified on an application or registration form, indicating that the information will be provided to the particular exhibition or fair organizer and other involved third parties. We take practical steps to protect the acquired personal information.


Rights to Access Personal Information


For any questions regarding your personal information, please contact us at the following address:



Last updated on 01 Mar 2024

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